Absolute Black’s narrow/wide singlespeed Cog

June 6, 2014

Brit/Pole CNC wizards at it again…

Bright and early this morning, the British-based Marcin, of Absolute Black, was in touch with news of the company’s latest creation:  a narrow/wide singlespeed cog.  Why the alternating tooth profile?  Much as on the agricultural equipment for which the concept was initially patented, singlespeed drivetrains have a fixed length.  The arrangement is great when things are properly adjusted and there is no flex in the system- but as the chain stretches and angry legs do their worst, the consequences of derailment can be unpleasant.

mala zebatka_1_3000Using the tooth profile developed for their own Spiderless Chainrings, Absolute Black claim that their Cogs help to keep a stretched chain in place on rough terrain- probably not a bad idea for the sort of maintenance-averse riders singlespeeds tend to attract.  The company also notes that the narrow/wide profile makes for a cog sprocket that “should outlast any other one made from aluminum.”   Faint praise, perhaps, but a steel version is on its way.  To take full advantage of those fancy teeth, a 9/10/11s chain is recommended- though anything designed for 1s-8s will work as well.  Half-links will make for a very sad drivetrain- so don’t use ’em.

mala zebatka_1_3000 featuredOf course, the Cogs also make for a great an excuse to show off Absolute Black’s mastery of both CNC and camera.  Being alloy, weights are impressive: 23g, 24g, and 29g for 16t, 18t, and 20t variants.  Perhaps the best part is the pricing: £29/$40 seems quite reasonable for such a unique, lightweight, and attractive piece of kit- especially one made in the EU (Poland, to be exact).  18t cogs are shipping today, the other two can be ordered now for shipment in three weeks’ time.


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