Vecnum’s Moveloc long-travel dropper post

February 12, 2014

Reasoned, lightweight take on simple concept

Simple concept, reasoned excecution
Simple concept, reasoned execution

Just as during the early days of suspension forks, with the increasing adoption of dropper posts, there are currently a wide range of interesting ideas and executions coming to market.  Fresh out of Germany is this take on a pin-style dropper from Vecnum.

A long-travel post, the Moveloc is available in 140mm, 170mm, and 200mm travel options (each with four positions).  Weights – especially for the travel – are impressive: 490-560g including cable and remote.

Moveloc Vecnum lever 2The locking-pin style of dropper posts is hardly new, Gravity Dropper makes probably the most common version, but do present challenges in terms of structure and sealing.  Vecnum has taken the simple concept, in which a pin engages holes at various points in the post’s travel, and addressed those challenges, as well as those seen in other common models.

Hole insert, clamping and seal mechanisms
Hole insert, clamping and seal mechanisms

Because pin-lock designs involve a series of holes passing the pin mechanism, bushings, and seals, there is often a clear route for dirt and water ingress.  While boots have been successfully used in the past, Vecnum has filled each hole with spring-loaded plastic inserts.  Pushed aside when the pin is engaged, inserts provide the seals with full contact as they pass, reducing the liklihood of contamination.As drilling any number of holes in its face will weaken a seatpost, the Moveloc places its pin and holes to the less-stressed side of the ‘post.  A straightforward idea, this configuration allows for a lighter, stronger upper than competing designs.

Clearly the result of experience with other dropper posts, Vecnum goes out of their way to address a number of common dropper complaints.  With its external mechanism located at the base of the post, the Moveloc’s cable position is fixed, reducing the potential for rubbing and snags.  Should the lever or cable fail in a crash, the post can be actuated via a button on the post itself.  A low-pressure spring assembly sits inside of the post itself, well away from the elements, and is easier on seals than higher-pressure models.  Compression force and return speed can be adjusted via a shock pump (though that valve is located under the saddle clamp).

Tool-free cleaning and lubrication
Tool-free cleaning and lubrication

The Syntace-esque 2-bolt head is a straightforward, proven design and the extended lower cradle provides plenty of saddle rail support.  The cable can be detached without tools, allowing the seatpost to be readily removed for bicycle maintenance or packing.  The linear guide is designed to be self-centering under load, reducing lateral play.  Finally, a double sealing system is located under a knurled collar and designed for lubrication and cleaning without the need for tools.

The Moveloc will be available from March for around €360.  Only a 30.9mm diameter will be offered, 31.6mm and 34.9mm seat tubes are accommodated via standard shims.  (Much) more at

Moveloc Vecnum drawing

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