KTM to Fit Datatag to Top-End Bikes as Standard

February 17, 2014

Bicycle thefts are never fun. As bicycles become a more common form of transportation and recreation, such thievery also grows along at a higher rate. Recovering stolen bikes is never easy, especially now that most bikes land at a chop-shop, where they’re disassembled and ultimately sold in pieces for a higher profit than just a complete bike.

KTM Datatag
The Datatag UV Stealth identification system now standard on many KTM bikes.

In an effort to deter bicycle theft, as well as track and recover stolen bikes, FLi Distribution, who distribute KTM bicycles, have started including the Datatag unique identification tag system as a standard option on all bicycles priced at £2000 and above.

Datatag began building a sense of security by offering their proprietary identification tags for motorcycles. Expanding that original concept, Datatag now offers two security products for bicycles.

The UV Stealth system uses four nearly-invisible etchings to permanently install an identification tag on your bicycle. Apply the personalized etching mask to four discreet areas of your frame, rub on the chemical solution and remove the mask to reveal the unique identification code etching. The etching can only be seen using an ultraviolet light when the bike has been recovered. Since it’s basically invisible, the paint on your frame will not be harmed.

UV Stealth Etching
Ultraviolet etching permanently marks bicycle frames and forks.

Since the ultraviolet identification method is essentially invisible to the naked eye, would-be thieves need a visual deterrent. Thus, the system also features tamper-evident labels that include a unique identification number and QR code.

Datatag Tamper Label
A visible deterrent is also included with the system.

The UV Stealth PRO system includes all of the frame-specific features of the standard UV Stealth system, but also features the proprietary Datadots identification tags. Datadots are nearly-microscopic labels that can be applied to the smallest components and accessories. These little dots, also found and read using an ultraviolet light, include all of your relevant identification data.

Datatag Datadots
Small components, accessories and bits can be tagged with Datadots.

All of the information included on the UV Stealth tags is stored in a database, which Datatag shares with police departments. Datatag also provides police with the tools needed to read the tags. An added benefit is that insurance rates are reduced for owners who use the UV Stealth systems.

More information on the UV Stealth systems can be found here.

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