Here comes the, long awaited, Hope R8

by Dave Anderson 9

Tucked away on Hope’s stand at the NEC Cycle Show was the long awaited Vision R8 light

G R8?
G R8?

Threatening to bring daylight to a trail near you, the 8 x Cree XP-G2 LED headlight throws out an impressive 3000 generated / 2200 measured lumens with 6 options of light level and a 2 hour run time if left in max mode. The light features a custom designed beam pattern blending 4 x spot, 2 x diffused and 2 x elliptical optics.

Press the button

Power level indication is via the coloured backlit push button on the rear of the light.

Power packed
Power packed

Also new is the 7800 mAh ES Li-Ion battery which includes a charge indicator. The charge indicator will also trickle down to all batteries throughout the Hope light range.

Heading to a bar near you?

The R8 comes with Hope’s QR bayonet fitting for mounting to your bars and weighs in at a claimed 665g. Expected to be on sale by the time the clocks go back (end of October), and RRP will be £350.

Comments (9)

  1. 2200 lumens? It’s all getting a bit silly now.

  2. I had one on pre-order, a long time ago. I waited and waited and waited, then it got cancelled.

    I then bought a four4th light and it’s very impressive

  3. Would hardly have called it ‘tucked away’ on the hope stand, it was right out in the middle of the display when I was there on Saturday.

  4. I like the charge indicator on the battery; might have to get one for my R4.

  5. Love it. Will never be able to justify the cost.

    To paraphrase KB

    Bright, Cheap, Made in Britain – pick two

  6. Solar Storm X2 from fastech £24, probably just as bright, but so much difference in price!

  7. Will the clamp fit 35mm bars ?

  8. 35mm bars? Why? For DH in the dark? Someone call Bruce Springsteen!

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