Problem Solvers’ Mismatch Adapters: Helping dogs and cats get along.

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Our Singletrack US Special Agent Marc B reports…


It’s a Mismatch

Problem Solvers’ Mismatch Adapters: Helping dogs and cats get along or ‘Making Shimano and SRAM play nice’.

Problem Solvers’ Mismatch Adapters aren’t necessarily a rational purchase.  The little blocks and associated hardware are designed to mount SRAM MatchMaker-compatible shifters to I-Spec compatible Shimano disc brake levers.  In doing so, the rider does away with a pair of shifter clamps- and gains 5g per side.  But for anyone who wants to be able to pick their favorite components regardless of manufacturer–in our case Shimano’s XTR brakes and Sram’s XX1 drivetrain–the perches provide the kind of tidiness usually found only in single-make cockpits

CNC machined and black anodized in the USA from chunks of aluminium, the Mismatch Adapters come with a pair of pre-threadlock’d Allen screws and a little T-nut that sits inside of Shimano brake lever clamps.  Installation is straightforward and, torque specifications observed, our two assemblies have stayed snug and rattle free for several months.  For anyone still clinging to middle finger braking, their thumb will swing perilously close to a couple of sharp edges while shifting- edges that can easily be softened with a hand file.  Anyone braking with their index finger as the good folks at Shimano intend will find more than enough clearance.

Mismatched pair
Mismatched pair

Not that space is at a premium on today’s wide bars, but removing a set of clamps certainly tidies things up and makes space for dropper remotes, trail bells, and the like.   The angle of the shifter relative to the brake is just right- and plenty of lateral adjustment is available.  If you’re the type that sweats the details or can’t suffer a cluttered bar on your dream ride, you’re already on your way to ordering a set.

Given the niche market and first world manufacture, the $30 (US-only right side kit) and £33/$45 (left and right pair) prices don’t seem unreasonable.

Distributed in the UK by Ison Distribution, in the US by QBP.

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    Do they do the alternative set to allow my XTR shifters to fit onto the Elixir/XX brake matchmaker fitting? That would be another good one to sell.


    Not at the moment- though we’ll let you know if & when they do…


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