The Orange Five is dead. Long live the Orange Five!

June 8, 2013

It’s the bike that many riders have been expecting. The Orange Five is dead, long live the Orange Five. It’s gone 27.5in. It’s a move that will please some riders who’ve been holding off buying a Five – and it’ll horrify more traditional Orange purists.

How about that apple green colour?
New, lighter shock mounts
New graphics help distract from the different wheel size

The bike gains many of the overall frame improvements first debuted on the Five 29. There’s a longer shock mount, which allows the force to be spread over more of the down tube. This, in turn, allows for a lighter down tube. There’s a new, forged shock link on the swing arm and 142mm dropouts with a thru-axle. Travel remains at 140mm. The apple green bike here will be around £3,000 when it comes out in July.

The Five gets the rounder swingarm with oval cable exit points
The head tube is shorter now to account for an external headset
142mm dropouts - hooray for that!
Five S, £2499.99
Five Pro, £2999.99  (The bike above is a Pro with upgraded fork (to a 34 Factory Float from a 32 Performance Float) and shock
Five SE, £4499.99
Frame only:£1499.99
The new Five will be out in July.


The bike is proudly 27.5in, but the tyres still reckon it's called 650B. People seem to be settling on 27.5in


Over in the corner was another revamped Orange. The Orange Crush now features 27.5in wheels and a similar cockpit feel to the new Five to help riders who have one of each feel more at home. The Crush also gains an E-type bolt-on front mech and a 49mm untapered headtube.

Orange also has a new marketing guy who seems rather familiar. Oh yes, it’s Sim Mainey who, for eight years has been designing Singletrack.

Short, yet long.
The Orange Crush will be, £1299.99
Frame only: £349.99
It’s also coming out in July.
In case you didn't notice.
The Crush and (to left) the new Alpine, as tested in STW!
Room for tapered, plain, or Anglesets

XS – 14″ Effective TT 560mm
Small – 16″ Effective TT 580mm
Medium – 17″ Effective TT 600mm
Large- 19″ Effective TT 620mm
XL – 21″ Effective TT 640mm

Headangle: 67º

Small – 16″ Effective TT 590mm
Medium – 17″ Effective TT 605mm
Large- 19″ Effective TT 620mm
XL – 21″ Effective TT 635mm

Headangle: 67º


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