Monday Morning Debrief 20

April 22, 2013

Sometimes you have to suck up the bad days in the knowledge that the good times are about to roll.

Not quite dust but not far off

With the sun out and a chance for shorts and short sleeves, Calderfornia finally returned. Time to get high. The usual eclectic mix of bikes interpreting the moniker of ‘mountain bike’, the usual suspects ready for the vagaries of route planning that makes the Saturday ride. Opportunistic route planning to make the most of current conditions and with a drying wind that means climbing up onto the tops to make the most of the ‘not bog’.

The descent of man

A ride with a bit of everything, including the chance to see the broken ClifCrossers on their final climb before a return to Mytholmroyd. Dry climbs with definite dust as we gain height heading towards the beacon that is the Pike. Descents on fast and hard ground where usually there’s soft and grind. Then back up and over for the fast and rattly Penny Steps.

Fast and rattly..

Climb, descend, climb, descend. No traversing, just the sawtooth ride profile, getting to all the good stuff before we drop down into the woods for a bit of tight birch singletrack in Pixie Woods. Fast through the trees acting as a counterpoint to the wide open moors.

Spring is here. I saw, heard and felt the evidence this weekend.

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