Zyro’s Fresh Goods Part Two

As we’re snowed in due to the permawinter here’s part two of fresh goods from Zyro.

Hopefully normal service and spring will be resumed next week…


Now that's a caliper


HS11 - Classic rim brake with a ton of power

HS11 Old school leverage


MT4 built with Carbotecture and dual piston fixed caliper

MTS saves weight over the MT4 with hollow pin tech.

MT6 - lighter again with an aluminium lever and clamp

MT8 - Magura's lightest brake

MT8 - Carbotecture SL master and Carbolay lever

MT8 Caliper - dual piston with one piece design for stiffness

Coming soon?

TS6 - for trail, enduro and xc

TS8 - superstiff with DAD tech, that's Double Arch design to you and me


The slightly mild Terminator

SMIDSY proof Night Vision Evo Jacket

Complete with removal Lightstick LED/Terminator eye

If spring ever comes; the Gradient Short Sleeve Jersey

Matching Mayhem shorts in black

or Blue

We're liking the Apex baggy styling

Gripping stuff

and what you're ride buddies will see

Ladies get the Synchro stretch baggy

and Synchro 3/4 baggy

with classy design features

Camo for gromits with the Children's Spark baggy

Varium Jacket for the spring reality

Waterproof, breathable and stretch construction with pit zips should cover most bases.

New Attack 360 Jacket - full on waterproof with removable hood

Nice design touches inside too


Rider 21 - GPS computer with barometer for real time logging

Rider 40 - Training enabled for competitive riders

Rider 50 with 1:50k OS mapping

Rider 60 - coming soon touch screen full on training and navigation machine


All the flavours in bar form, they're very edible...

Geltastic to help with Torq's rule of threes

Recovery aids and drinkable energy to keep you fully fueled.

Handy refills now available


Right that’s your lot for this week. I’m heading off to the airport. See you next week for the return of Fresh Goods Friday

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