Orange’s Five29. Finally Released.

March 11, 2013

You’ll probably have seen photos of the pre-production prototype in our coverage of the Bike Place Show ( and in, ahem, other magazines, but this is the first time that a production one has been allowed out of the building at Orange, so we’ve got the first look at it.

Straight-through headtube is lighter than tapered.


New, neat oval grommets.


Decent mud room with chunky tyres.


142mm dropouts (yay!)


A very neat-looking 140mm 29er.


First to feature Orange's new, lighter shock mount (which allows a lighter down tube)

And in complete contrast to any photos you’ve seen of the previous pre-production bike, the Five29 features zero swingarm cable bosses. It’s through the frame or nothing, traditional Orange style…

Look - no stops!


New, lighter rear shock mount too.


The first 50 will be in this 'Black Gold' colourscheme.



Retail price will be £2999.99 and the bikes will be starting to arrive in the next couple of weeks… And when these are all gone, some new models (one upspecced and one d0wnspecced from this one, though neither in this colourscheme) will start to appear…

More details will be on Orange’s website.

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