Singletrack Breaks 1 Million Threshold

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1,007,175 unique users visited our website in the last month according to Google Analytics.

It’s true and we have our Google Analytics report right here to prove it.

Download it here.

It’s a remarkable milestone and demonstrates a rather staggering growth in the past 12 months from 586,981 unique users this time last year.

Although our audience here is primarily UK based we have significant numbers of visitors from all over the world, with hot spots being the US and Canada.

Other impressive stats that we are really quite proud of is the number of pages that are viewed every month. On our current report they stand at 9.2 million per month (up from 7.9 million this time last year) with a typical visit lasting 6 minutes and 41 seconds.

Those are the numbers. They are big and for a tiny little company based in a sleepy Pennine town we are proud of them. We are also extremely grateful to everyone who has visited our website in the last year, whether it be to simply sell your bike on our classifieds or try and argue that of course the bloody plane will take off.

Apparently Mark is so excited he’s off to Oddies round the corner to buy cakes for all the staff. If you are passing our way today you are welcome to pop in for coffee and a cake and join us.

The bit about how awesome it is to advertise on our huge website

Oh, and of course we should of course mention at this point that if you are in the trade and you would like to advertise yourself to our million users, our advertising is extremely good value for money. Contact if you are interested.

The bit about being a Premier dealer and getting free advertising for selling Singletrack in your shop.

Bike shops that sell our mag get free advertising on our website. If you are a bike shop we really really want to help you. Joining our list of exclusive Premier users is easy. Contact for more info.


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    Do you have a breakdown by pages / forum threads so you know what people are interested in?

    Hi footflaps,
    We don’t have any plans to make that public.

    Looks like i better get my adssorted then

    Not pissing on your parade at all – that’s a staggering figure and it’s an industry standard measure – but unique visitors is more accurately expressed as ‘unique browsers’ as each browser on each device flags up. I’m at least 5 of those uniques.

    Huuuuge bounce rate gentlemen….I guess that is a reflection of people searching google for summat, finding an answer or opinion and leaving….

    Call it what you like Simon Nicolai, but advertisers know how to factor Google analytics.

    You notice I don;t use Google’s own phrase of ‘x people visited this site’.
    As I think I’ve said before, we can argue over the meaning of ‘Unique User’ but it’s the same ruler used across all sites using Google Analytics to measure traffic.

    A page view is a page view however. A visit is a visit and we’ve nearly got 2 million of those and I’m hoping for 10 million of the former within a month or so 🙂

    I know why.
    Christmas + overeating = bunged up bowels.
    Google + bunged up bowels = picolax.
    Google + picolax =

    Those are some very large numbers. Well done Singletrack!

    I was harsh before on being negative – well done Singletrack people and site…

    Have the mag subscriptions gone up as well?

    I think that’s well deserved, the quality on the site has definitely gone up in the last 12 months, great job!

    Yesterday (Monday 14th Jan) was busiest day in our history – 80,025 visits

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