Head to Head: TRP Parabox vs. Hope V-Twin

December 5, 2012

Chipps has been testing a couple of the different cable to hydraulic systems for converting your disc cyclocross bike’s cable levers into hydraulic power and convenience (via a below-stem conversion box). TRP’s Parabox and Hope’s V-Twin go head to head.

TRP Parabox and ParaboxR.

Price: £350 complete (including rotors).
(Note, as of Jan 1st, we’ve heard that these will now come down to £299)
From: Upgrade Bikes, upgradebikes.co.uk
Tested: Ten months (original), two weeks (brand new version).

TRP was quick on the scene with a cable-to-hydraulic system; quick enough that it has now refined its original unit and we have here the first UK look at the Mk2 version, the ParaboxR. The original version (which is still available) appeared to use some of the parts that TRP had access to; hence it came with a different front and rear caliper.

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