Rope Trap on Hamsterley downhill

February 9, 2012

Watch out for nutters in the woods at Hamsterley. And not the nice kind. A rider was thrown off his bike on the Hamsterley DH course on Sunday after hitting a nylon rope stretched between trees at neck height. The rope trap was put at the bottom of a slope, where riders would be going fast and would be unable to avoid it in time.

See that rope? Neither did the rider - it was almost impossible to see while riding, so be careful out there.

Fortunately he was wearing a video camera so the whole episode has been recorded.

Here’s what local paper, the Teesdale Mercury says:

A mountain biker was flung from his cycle at 20mph after someone had tied a rope across a steep track at Hamsterley Forest. The rope trap was stretched between two trees across the main run at Descend Hamsterley on Sunday, February 5. 29-year-old Lukasz Sikorski, from Consett, hit the booby trap at at high speed and was thrown off his bike into the air. The rope had hit him in his ribs and luckily he escaped unhurt.

Anyone with information is asked to call Durham Police on number 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

The full newspaper story is here:,3901.html

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