Singletrack TV presents: Winter

December 9, 2011

Winter. The cruellest of the seasons. Hard on man and machine, grim suffering amid frozen breath. The challenge is great; like the Iditabike or the Strathpuffer, riding that little bit up to the top of the valley takes grit and determination, the knowledge that the total and utter lack of joy is in fact a great thing. The smell of wet wool lingers, sharp taste of metal in the mouth. It’s enough to remind you of Fausto Coppi’s training for his 1946 comeback or Sean Kelly’s lengendary winte…[Ed: That’s enough. Stop being silly.]

Actually, we don’t believe any of that.

Winter is ace.

Trails get slippy and slidy, hero drifts await at every corner, the crashes are fun and frequent and there are few things better than ignoring the elements and getting out riding with your mates. We love winter and we made this little video to celebrate…

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