Friday Slammers (Including Akrigg Cliff Jump)

by 15

No fresh goods I’m afraid this week I’m all on my own in the office today and there’s not a SLR in sight.

Anyway I thought Some Friday Slammers may be in order ( didn’t everyone drink slammers on a Friday night when they were kids?)
to either inspire or to add a note of caution to your weekend.

WARNING EXPLETIVES A PLENTY ON SOME OF THE VIDS- turn it down if your easily offended.

First up – Mr Akrigg… It’s very hard not to real of a stream of expletives when you see how he genuinely is lucky to get away what he did.

Still it could be worse. You could be a BMX star. (Warning includes leg breaking )

In fact Broken legs are the injury to have in BMX right now .

“Where’s the Skatin”? Don’t be hatin! (Sorry got carried away their ) Following from Jerry Hsu’s appearance the other week on the site here we have him again being intimate with rails, curbs – stairs and concrete.

Here’s his team mate Brandon – The kinked rail is particularly nauseating.

Finally Parkour – you know about these athletes – their balance and prowess -Observe.

Be safe……..

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  1. That Akrigg video…bloody hell. After seeing him do seemingly impossible things on a bike week after week (I mean, beating pro racers on road bikes in that hill climb on a bloody DJ bike!), and making it all look so effortless, perhaps the most shocking thing is realising that he is human after all.

    It must be terrible to be forced off the bike for such a presumably long period, but Dan Atherton shows that it is possible to come back stronger and better than ever. I just watched the first episode of the new series of the Atherton Project and he was looking seriously quick and committed.

    Get well soon.

  2. I love watching Chris doing his trials stuff. Was really good to see some in that video. God damn but that was way down lad! Get well soon fella. Looking forward to seeing some more trials in the next vid.

  3. My gonads couldn’t take watching those boarding / bmx ones.

  4. [can of worms]
    Still, at least all the BMXers were wearing helmets
    [/can of worms]

  5. I hope he donates to the rescue team…..

  6. think i pooped myself a bit laughing at the last vid!

  7. Nah I pissed myself with the last one!

  8. [can of worms]
    Still, at least all the BMXers were wearing helmets
    [/can of worms]

    It doesn’t matter – they’re young and beautiful and immortal – “that Crash” that brains them and turns them into a vegetable will never happen to “them” That’s what makes beng young so amazing – that’s why they can ride like that.

    It Sadly also makes them (young Men) easy cannon fodder for generals as well, I’d rather they lived vicariously on a handrail ;]

  9. wait a minute i just got a 3 day ban for swear filter avoidance yet its ok to post swearing in vids????????????

  10. …it’s an SLR, not a SLR. Pffff…..

  11. Maybe all of us who have enjoyed watching the videos should donate to the rescue team?

  12. Hardcore Parkour? He couldn’t even climb up the frame to begin with…why did he think he was going stick that landing? Tool! A poopy tool at that…

  13. That’s right Kimbers.. YOU don’t get to swear on our forum. That’s the rule

  14. Hope Chris makes a full recovery soon. That looked nasty as and I’m dying for him to get out and start riding/making more vids. Must have watched Hill In Spain a million times…

    Laughed at the second vid. Brilliant.

    As for the hardcore parkour – thats just a fat american smashing his balls to pieces. Something I could watch over and over and over…

  15. HV to Chris.

    That last one is FAF!

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