Friday Slammers (Including Akrigg Cliff Jump)

June 3, 2011

No fresh goods I’m afraid this week I’m all on my own in the office today and there’s not a SLR in sight.

Anyway I thought Some Friday Slammers may be in order ( didn’t everyone drink slammers on a Friday night when they were kids?)
to either inspire or to add a note of caution to your weekend.

WARNING EXPLETIVES A PLENTY ON SOME OF THE VIDS- turn it down if your easily offended.

First up – Mr Akrigg… It’s very hard not to real of a stream of expletives when you see how he genuinely is lucky to get away what he did.

Still it could be worse. You could be a BMX star. (Warning includes leg breaking )

In fact Broken legs are the injury to have in BMX right now .

“Where’s the Skatin”? Don’t be hatin! (Sorry got carried away their ) Following from Jerry Hsu’s appearance the other week on the site here we have him again being intimate with rails, curbs – stairs and concrete.

Here’s his team mate Brandon – The kinked rail is particularly nauseating.

Finally Parkour – you know about these athletes – their balance and prowess -Observe.

Be safe……..

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