Sea Otter: ‘Shimano’ Electronic Shifting for MTBs

April 18, 2011

Tired of waiting for Shimano to come out with electronic shifting? Well Ki2Bikes have done it for you so you don’t have to wait. It takes factory Shimano Dura Ace Di2 shifters and mechs, pulls them apart and remakes them for mountain bike use. This involves a new cage on the rear mech, new springs and pivot points, oh and custom made shifters that use the Di2 buttons. This gives you push button up/down shifting under each thumb.

Closeup of the custom machined control pod that mounts directly to the XTR brakes. Operation is pretty crisp and direct and it moves the electronic rear mech a step at a time.


Dura Ace rear mech is given new pulley cage and the springs are beefed up to cope with the new purpose.


Doesn't look that odd, does it?


Front mech works on a 2x10 XTR crank. There's no triple option with Dura Ace anyway! Battery lives in that grey box.


Really nice, stealthy looking Tomac Supermatic


Left hand pod for front shifting.



That's the little Dura Ace control pod and battery indicator. It can be hidden away if not needed.

You’re going to be asking about the price for all this, aren’t you? Well, for a complete electric XTR kit, including brakes too, you’re looking at around $5000. For just the shifters and mechs, it’s a paltry $3500 or so.

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