Christmas Panic Buying Ideas

December 20, 2010

There are five days left to Christmas and if you’re looking for something for the cyclist in your life then now is the time to panic wildly and dash into the nearest bike shop so you don’t see the sad, half-hidden look of disappointment in their eyes when all they get is a puncture repair kit.

The only problem, once you’ve got the staff away from their cups of tea while they warm their hands around the till, is what to get. Here’s the first in our last minute series of helpful suggestions…

Singletrack Diner Mug

If you get a wriggle on you might just be able to beat the postal rush and have one of these lovely Singletrack branded mugs come through just in time to sit under the tree, ready to be filled with coffee, eggnog or just a nice cup of tea. It’s our classic diner coffee mug but now in blue. There’s something really satisfying about this mug. The combination of intense colour; an ultra deep ultramarine, and a proper weight to makes it the best hot beverage bearing device we could find.

If you haven’t come across these before, make no mistake, this is a FAT mug. An ordinary chunky mug we had lurking around in the kitchen weighed 280g but this thick bugger weighs in at a staggering 549g! It’s undoubtedly one of the toughest, fattest, heaviest mugs we’ve ever seen and we had to have these made and printed in the USA and shipped over because there was no one in the UK who could make these for us. It’ll keep you full of hot drinks and also make your forearms ripped…

Price: Subscribers can buy this mug for just £7.99, while it’ll be £9.48 for everyone else. If you’d like to combine a new mug with a year’s subscription to the magazine then it’ll cost you just £33.99

From: Singletrack Shop

We’re sending out anything bought from the Singletrack Shop using First Class post.

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