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June 28, 2010

The ever Present Mr Wilson from Progressive bikes has just sent us some new info ..

Chumba Racing VF2 & XCL frame and Cane Creek Double barrel promotion.

Following on from the success of our rolling chassis kits with the Chumba VF2 and XCL frames we are now able to offer the excellent Cane Creek Double Barrel (CCDB) rear shock as an upgrade over the existing Fox RP23 shock.

Given the linear nature of the VF2’s and XCL’s leverage ratio curve relative to other bikes in its class (although technically it is regressive and slightly progressive towards bottom out), the linkage will reflect a shock’s tuning very closely. This means, if you tune up the low speed compression, you will immediately feel this throughout the VF2 linkage’s travel without varying leverage rates from the linkage interfering with what you want the shock to do.

This you have the advantage to really custom tailor your Double Barrel to how you want it to perform at low speeds or high speeds, and the linkage will remain neutral to accept your change.

You can buy the VF2 frame only for £1599 or for a limited time only you can have a VF2 with a CCDB and spring matched to your weight for £1750, that’s a £150 upgrade charge on a shock usually costing over £600!

The XCL frame is available with the same excellent shock for £1450, again just a £150 upgrade charge for the CCDB!

You get a choice of frame sizes and colours and each CCDB will have a spring matched to your weight and some base guidelines for setting up the shock.

See our web site at for details .

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