29ers go DH: Intense and WTB

November 10, 2009

Intense Cycles boss Jeff Stieber did it because he could. Jeff says…

“Something I have wanted to do for some time & topic of many debates.
With a little help from Manitou / Sun & WTB we have the “2951”
This first proto is in the medium range 23.5 effective tt.
G3 dropout & Head tube
14″ bb in middle, w 64.5 ha @ 0
CS 18.25″
WB 48″
Where do you start with this, so I went with tried & true and we have a bit of adjustability to play with.
Travel is at 7.5 or 8″ with adjustable link.
fork is reduced to 7″
So everyone who has thrown a leg over it is blown away in one aspect or another.
This is just a test project at this point & hope to get some team riders on real tracks in near future. Tires are the biggest issue at this point but if it pans out I am sure Intense Tires will step up for some racing rubber choices.
The 951 frame works well for this as there is alot of room for seatube tire clearance.”




Picture 1

The new WTB Kodiak is exclusive to Niner Bikes. “This tire is the result of our desire to offer the longest travel, burliest production 29er mountain bike, and WTBʼs help with the project has been invaluable.” Niner co-founder Chris Sugai, “WTB knows that there are a ton of riders out there that want a 29er with freeride and downhill capability and their willingness to step up and be the first to make a wire bead, dual-ply 29er tire shows that their passion for the big revolution is genuine”.

WTB Kodiak Tyre Details:
Made with WTB’s High Grip DNA™ rubber compound. The WTB Inner Peace™ sidewall reinforcement for flat protection, sidewall stiffness and keeping tyre damage to a minimum. Wire bead means less bead stretch and better rim retention. 29×2.5″, 1400 grams, 50 Durometer, 27 TPI.

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