Lynskey Performance Designs Titanium Seatpost

by Ben Haworth 23

img_7673Lynskey Performance Designs Titanium seatpost

The Press Release gushing in full…
Not only is this beauty among the lightest seatposts available, it is also incredibly durable.  In fact, Lynskey are so confident in the function and durability of the seatpost that they offer a “NO QUESTIONS GUARANTEE”.  Should your Lynskey seatpost not function correctly or fail in any manner for any reason they will replace the post or the failed parts.
The post is intended for either road or off-road  use and provides the fundamental requirements of a high performance seatpost: comfort, durability, lightweight, and ease of use. 
The shaft is crafted from aerospace grade 3al-2.5v titanium.  It provides an unsurpassed combination of comfort and durability.
The head design is very lightweight and functional.  The 2 bolt design allows infinite and simple seat angle adjustment.  This concept also guarantees no slippage of the saddle angle during riding as it does not rely on friction to hold the saddle angle in place.
However possibly the best part of this design is the tension rod that extends through the titanium shaft and transfers 100 percent of the stress during riding directly to the shaft.  In other words this head design does not rely on bonding or welding to hold the head on the shaft.  Historically bonded or welded head assemblies have been a potential problem area for titanium seatposts.
There are 2 6061 aluminum sleeves bonded into the top of the shaft using a Loctite epoxy adhesive.  These sleeves create the needed surface area for the carbon fiber cradle to rest in.
Each post comes with 4mm ball-nosed allen wrench for ease of assembly
We are so confident in the function and durability of our seatpost that we offer a “NO QUESTIONS GUARANTEE”.  Should your Lynskey seatpost not function correctly or fail in any manner for any reason we will replace the post or the failed parts.
SIZES:  31.6mm.
LENGTHS/WEIGHTS: 350mm/170grams,  410mm/190grams
FINISH: Bright brushed.
OFFSET: Zero degrees.
MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION: Shaft: Aerospace quality 3al-2.5v titanium.
Tension rod/upper saddle rail clamps, internal and external sleeves: 6061 anodized aluminum.
Lower saddle rail cradle: Carbon fibre composite.
Tension bolts: Aerospace quality 6al-4v titanium.

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  1. sound fantastic…now whats the price????

  2. Hang on a second. It says there’s no bonding to hold the head to the shaft and then goes on to state that there’s loctite been applied to hold the sleeves that form the seat of the carbon cradle?

    Doesn’t that defeat the purpose somewhat? Or are the sleeves secured by the tension rod as well?

    Hmmm… I smell marketing.

  3. Why mention it failing at all!!!! I don’t want to think about it failing before I’ve even bought one….

  4. virtually the same weight as my thomson masterpiece and i know which i’d trust to be stronger.

  5. hmmm looks familiar:
    and so on…

    bit of a taiwaneese sellout for a “made in america” brand.

  6. Construction is nothing revolutionary, loads of carbon posts out there with identical clamps. Looking at it more closely, Lynskey is buying in the head pieces for Taiwan and sticking it on top of their own piece of Ti pipe.

    Example of similar:

  7. Hmmm, a flexy USE Alien post snapped 3 Kona frames of mine (one was an explisif) before I realised is was the Post’s fault. Isn’t Titanium really flexy and liable to have the same effect on any other frames?

  8. lets hope it lasts longer than their frames do!

  9. Has any other product been greeted with such scorn on STW?

  10. I hope the frames last, I have invested alot (well to me) in my One One Ti456! long live the lifetime guarantee1

  11. 31.6mm, not a common size then.

  12. fits my obed ,must resist…

  13. I hate to say it but…. the head parts of that post (cradle, pin, clamps) are the same ones as the superstar. Wonder if their “NO QUESTIONS GUARANTEE” is any better LOL!

  14. If you want a Ti post check out the eriksen ones – truely sublime

  15. Hmm, I was hoping for a 27.2mm. It’ll fit the Tazer but if I’m gonna drop silly money on a ti post I want more than 3″ of it showing . . . at least it’ll spell my name though (almost) ;>)

  16. I hate those two-bolt USE-type posts, they’re a real pfaff to set up. I’ll stick with the sixteen year-old Moots one I have on my Sutra. Plus it won’t fit my I-Beam saddles…

  17. “t least it’ll spell my name though (almost) ;>)”

    Do it!

  18. As someone pointed out, the Thomson post is indeed excellent, however, it’s definately not as light – around 25% heavier for a similar length post. And who thinks that a no questions asked guarantee is not a good thing?!!! I reckon is just shows loads of confidence in their own product.

  19. mmmmmm Eriksen, i’m wearing the t-shirt now!

  20. It is supposed to have a life time no quibble Warranty.
    And the price is £150, I was gonna get one but looking at the top clamp, I don’t think I’ll bother, I remember the Pesky USE I had of the same design, it was always snapping bolts.
    I think the actual post looks amazing, but I’d fear for the clamp, especially with my unsubtle throw around styleeeee thumping down on it.

  21. £150? They’re having a Giraffe

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