Singletrack Issue 147 Art Print – Rider Resilience

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An awesome shot by Nils Amellinckx that we are super pleased to have on the cover of Singletrack Issue 147. Nils is one of the jolliest and nicest people in the mountain bike world. However, he also has advanced bowel cancer, at stage four. It’s incurable.

This inspired him to start Rider Resilience. “Rider Resilience is a registered not-for-profit community interest company set up to draw on the strength and camaraderie of the bicycle community, to enable anyone in the face of adversity to ride through their hardship. By encouraging the use of any bicycle as a platform to find resilience, the movement pulls together cyclists to support each other, paying forward the joy derived from riding and in turn making the world a better place.”

All the profits from the sale of this art print will go to Rider Resilience.

What’s more we have added a neat little feature called “name your price”. This allows you to increase the price you pay for the print, with all the additional money going to Rider Resilience. Use this if you want to make an additional donation to this good cause. I have also removed the usual member discounts because… well, who wants a discount on being nice?

Hey Nils, tell us about the picture.

Nils says: “Have you seen the forecast for tomorrow?” James (Vincent) and I were on one of our bromantic lunch dates, putting the world to rights, talking bikes and photography. My guilty look of not having kept tabs on the forecast recently was traded with pure excitement from James and within seconds one of the most atmospheric forecasts I have come across was slid across the table. Promises of clear, settled weather dominating large swathes of valley fog called for a high mountain adventure. The following day my energy levels mid chemotherapy cycle were distinctly lacking, and the cloud based looked a lot higher than the valley level at which it had been forecast. At valley level it was a grey, drab day. I feverishly started looking at various webcams to try to establish whether we could still get above the clouds, or whether it would simply become an exercise in burning valuable recovery energy to end up summiting in a layer of zero visibility “clag”. My suspicions were strongly leaning towards the latter, but James’ enthusiasm hadn’t waned and he categorically wouldn’t accept any bailing. Mountain summit adventure it was then. With just a hundred vertical metres separating us from the summit and much to my surprise, we finally break through the mist into a world of bright sunshine and spring-like conditions. Only the Lake District’s highest summits are visible, emerging like islands from the vast sea of clouds. As we take in the views, I see a lone hiker walk up one of the ridges that radiate off our summit, sharply offset against the colourless backdrop of clouds, and figure it has the potential to make for a dramatic winter riding shot. James Vincent and James Stapleton dutifully follow my enthusiastic commands and tear up the trail along the ridge, with the latter playfully manualling behind the former before dropping back into the mist and its wintery climate.” Tech Specs:

  • A3 and A4 size options.
  • “White Unicorn” stock, as this works very well with full colour prints.
  • Recycled material
  • A chunky 0.7mm thick material
  • Shipped nestling between two sheets of card, and then lovingly slid into a nice and stiff card envelope. This is then garnished with “Fragile” tape.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 1 cm



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