Outcast Mini Issue 25


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Where do we start? How do we explain what this is? Let’s get this out of the way.

Outcast has been a specifically single speed specific Zine for over 20 years now. An issue will randomly appear every few years. I think this is the first since 2013. When the single speed scene started back at the turn of the millennium we were all much younger and would laugh at things like “stunt cock” and “glamshagsolo” (a Campagnolo spoof pleasure product). We are now much older and no longer entertained by such childish things, until they are presented to us again, and then it turns out we are still just as juvenile as we ever were.

A zine is like a magazine, but without the “Maga”. And this one is extra shonky as it was meant to be printed at A5, but turned out half sized as an A6.


  • Much profanity.
  • Vulgarism.
  • Expletives.
  • Willy stuff.
  • Obscenity.
  • Bikes with one gear.
  • A column by Chipps.
  • Lots of Jo Burt illustrations.
  • 26″ wheels.
  • Jo Burt illustration about 26″ wheels.
  • 56 pages, all of them too small.
  • “Gnar and farts”.
  • Opinion: “There is nothing wrong with e-bikes. It’s just the c**** that ride them”.

You will be in and out in 15 filthy minutes, leaving you stunned, poorer, spent in a stench of guilt, and never wanting to return, ’til next time. You have been warned. And… sorry.


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