The Outcast Keyring Bottle Opener

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Another find from deep in the vaults of Singletrack Towers.

A quick history lesson.

Chipps and Biff once published a photocopied Single Speed Zine called The Outcast. It was full of shonky one speed bollocks, smut and poor behaviour. It’s also where I (Charlie ) was first published with a tale about how I was mistaken for a bear after doing a rather big wild poo.

Chipps somehow landed the job of organising SSWC2k+1… that is Single Speed World Championship Millennium plus one more year. You see we were still recovering from the “millennium bug” and 2k was a much overused term.

Hundreds of one speeders turned up at Afan in Wales, tried to sleep on the steepest campsite known to man, and stayed up very late. The race was raced by some. I won the start. Prizes were awarded for best seen crash, most vomitings in the race (4), person most in need of a new frame (Den Thorne on a £99 beach cruiser with just a coaster brake), best male legs (decided by the top ten women), pimpiest bike and most hungover. What’s more Chipps ordered far too many The Outcast Keyrings. And that is why you are reading this.


  • Metal
  • Hold keys
  • Opens beer
  • What more do you want?



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4 reviews for The Outcast Keyring Bottle Opener

  1. twisty

    I remember my chain fell off many times and I stopped after the first lap to add a rear mech to my bike, which still didn’t stop the chain falling off many times on the 2nd lap. I don’t know where my keychain bottle opener is now though.

  2. austen

    I still have mine. It’s still good at opening beer 20 years later. Five stars.

  3. Watty (verified owner)

    Mine arrived yesterday and worked perfectly first time. And second time, and third . . . hic!

  4. gray

    I won a prize there for doing three quarters of the race with no saddle (bolt snapped)! Only prize I’ve ever won mountain biking… … happy days!

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