What do you call an Ass Saver for your face? Meet the Mudder Mini

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It’s a point that we’ve made frequently on the pages of gritcx, but gravel isn’t exactly in abundance in many parts of the UK. And even when it is, our inclement weather often means that #dirtydropbargoodness is often exactly that. Dirty. We’ve quite liked the protection that an Ass Saver provides to your rear on wet and muddy rides – and that it is quick and easy to fit/remove.
Minimal protection

Ass Savers has now released a new front mudguard called the MUDDER Mini that offers “face and headset protection for all wet weather gravelleurs!” We are a little torn by this sentence. Face and headset protection is undoubtably a good thing. We just can’t quite embrace the use of “gravelleurs” (as a side note autocorrect wants to adjust this to grovellers – a far more accurate description of our riding).
Now that looks a little more like our average “gravel” rides.

We digress. As with all Ass Savers products, the MUDDER Mini attaches without tools – using a couple of anti-slip velcro bands in this case. Simply mount it to your fork legs just above your front tyre and Ass Savers claims you will dramatically reduce the amount of spray cast off. While the Mudder is never going to offer the protection of a full guard set up, we are intrigued to see how it performs in keeping the worst spray off our faces. We’ll call one in for test and let you know how we get on.
Velcro straps are easy to adjust to various fork sizes.
In the meantime, the MUDDER Mini is available now for €12 (we are checking UK pricing).  Ass-Savers.com.
Adjust the clearance based on conditions.

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