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  • yeti 575 ownwrs
  • ventanarider
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    I have a 2009 yeti 575. I am thinking of running some larger tyres for the alps.What are the largest tyres you have run?

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    I’ ve got a 2.25 Maxxis Ardent on mine and I wouldn’t want to go much bigger tbh.

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    yeti 575 ownwrs…

    …are queuing up to trade them in for SB-66s 🙂

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    I don’t if the 09 has more clearance than the older shape 07, but i found 2.4 nobby nic fitted, but the flex in the swingarm, wheel and sidewall meant it rubbed during hard cornering. 2.25 fits no problem

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    They officially have a 2.5 max. I reckon a 2.3 would be pushing it though.

    ..are queuing up to trade them in for SB-66s

    With all this nonsense going on, I think not!

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    Long live the 575. Don’t really like the look of the SB66.

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    2.35 Maxxis (High Roller and Minion), seem fine to me.

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    I like the look of the new SB66 especially after seeing it in the flesh but thats the first time I’ve seen it “naked” and I must admit it sort of worries me. I’ve no doubt it works but like a lot of suspension systems, when you actually live with them months on end you soon learn sometimes things aren’t always as they should be.

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    if you have a cabon rear end it will flex alot an 2.5 tyres will wear the stays (not good seen a few snap from this)the alloy rear end is stiffer so maybe ok with 2.5.
    i allways run 2.35 minons with a carbon rear end and could still get them to rub but only when railing the berms flat out with 30psi tyre pressure but it was never an issue after 2 mega avalanche an 4 trips to the alps. (i weigh 11st so if your weight is more the rear end may flex more hope this helps).

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