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  • What are your tyre pressures (in psi)?
  • TrailriderJim
    Full Member

    Mine are 30 rear, 20 front.

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    Front 24.5 (2.4″)
    Rear 26.5 (2.25″)

    29er hardtail, I’m 75kg kitted up and ride in the Lakedistrict.

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    12 psi front and 13 psi rear but they are 27.5 + on 40mm wide rims

    Full Member

    8 < 12…. depended on conditions

    Free Member

    I run 32 front and rear primarily to keep rolling resistance down as I have a lot of road between trails

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    Front between 22 and 105
    Rear between 23 and 110

    Free Member

    26 front, 30 rear

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    I’m 85Kg in kit and run 24-26 front and 28-30 rear. This is for a 29er HT. Higher pressures are used when bikepacking.

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    Anything from 6 to 110

    Free Member

    100 front
    100 rear
    (road bike)

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    Squidgy…. like a pert buttock (buff) or an over ripe melon.

    Free Member

    20 & 23

    30 all round on the car

    and the usefulness of this info is?

    Free Member

    8 psi front and rear on the fatty, 30 front 35 rear on everything else or I peel the tubeless off the rims too easy and 100-110psi on the road bike.
    17 stone and a bit including kit

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    About 80kgs kitted – 23 front, 27 rear on a HT.

    Free Member

    It’s a closely guarded secret. Even I don’t really know.

    High 20s rear and low 20s front, I think.

    Free Member

    eh, it depends?

    Or do you mean, right now this very second?

    Full Member

    35/34 110/110 60/60

    Full Member

    Bike- 25
    Van- 50
    BMX- 90

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    17 psi front and 21 psi rear on IBIS 941 rims (29er 41mm wide) rider weight 75 kgs – put a bit more in if I go to Coed y Brenin as don’t want a rock strike on a carbon rim 🙂

    Full Member

    Squishes tyre(s) with thumb and forefinger, that’ll do.

    Full Member

    Trail centre riding: 20 front 25 rear
    General XC: 30 front 40 rear

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    Front 22, rear 30 with tubes and 90kg on top.
    Car 30 all round.
    Airgun 2900psi.

    Free Member

    35 front 40 rear

    Ming the Merciless
    Free Member

    18psi front, 23psi rear Michelin mud Enduro tyres South Downs over winter

    23/26 Bonty Fr3/Ardent. South Downs

    23/26 HR2/Ardent for Dartmoor on full Suss

    All 29ers

    Free Member

    5psi front, 9 rear.

    Free Member


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    4.5 front / 5.5 rear with a rigid fork
    5.0 front / 5.5 rear with a suspension fork

    Other bike

    ~18 front / ~22 rear


    Full Member

    6 and 7 and 20 and 20 and 60 and 70

    Full Member

    We’ve had this before. Too many variables for the information to be remotely relevant.

    Full Member

    19 Front
    23-27 Rear
    Tubeless of course

    Free Member


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    This is one of those threads where someone cheerfully pipes up that – all this shows is how inaccurate everyone’s pressure gauges are – guffaw guffaw!

    2.25 tyres on old skool narrow rims – 30 frt 40 rear. These are the pressures. They’re hard-ish, like MTB tyres should be. Can’t stand lower pressures – the tyres seem draggy and the low pressure squirm gives inconsistent trail feedback (to my delicate little paws, anyway).

    Full Member

    I forgot to add, 2 of mine are at atmospheric.

    no_eyed_deer – Member

    This is one of those threads where someone cheerfully pipes up that – all this shows is how inaccurate everyone’s pressure gauges are – guffaw guffaw!

    Mine are good ta.

    Free Member


    Mine are good too.. That was my point.. 😉

    Free Member

    I’ll have to go and calibrate my fingers, you know a good squeeze but not soft

    Free Member

    Squishy, but not too squishy.

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    7 front, 8 rear Nates on 80mm rim, tubeless.

    Full Member

    8f – 9r

    And 100f – 100r

    Free Member

    fat front
    6ish (nate)

    plus 29 front
    14 (dirt wizard)

    29 rear
    20 (gato, chunky monkey, ardent)

    Full Member

    So many variables but here you go:

    Fat bike: 5 or 6 front and 6 rear.
    29er HT: 32 F & R
    Road bike 1 (clincher): 110
    Road bike 2 (tubs): 160

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