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  • Rockies – sightseeing tips please!
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    At the end of the month, the in-laws are coming to visit us (here in Vancouver) and we’ve been requested to take them to the Rockies. Flights are booked and due to work commitments, we have about 3.5days to go from Edmonton > Calgary in a rental car. Not interested in staying in either of those cities, hoping to spend the whole time in the big hills.

    So where to stay and what to do? Icefields Parkway will be our route, but not sure where to spend the most time and what activities are available for elderly, non-active in-laws? The Mrs & I are interested in any short walks/biking that we can sneak into the itinery, if we can deposit the in-laws in a cafe/deckchair. All suggestions welcome!

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    You live in Vancouver and your asking a UK forum where to take them? what about tourist info in Vancouver?
    there only the inlaws leave them near the edge of a scenic lookout on the 1st day……

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    Well, I’ll chip in, I live in Burnaby and took a long weekend out to the rockies, was 4 days of straight driving but so worth it. Reckon it would have been more of a pain to fly though. You’ll need a day to do the icefield parkway in each direction.

    Flickr album of our trip here.

    I would thoroughly recommend the Emerald Lake Lodge which is in BC (just) about 30-40 mins from the south end of the icefield parkway. We were driving mostly so had just short stops to see some of the features and lakes. Peyto lake is a must, Athabasca falls is another easy stop, there are a few more lakes and stuff and the big glacier (can’t remember the name)

    Whatever you do you’ll have an awesome time.

    Just ask if i can help any further.

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    As RS said, I would add walking the Valley of the 10 peaks at Lake Louise.

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    When i lived in Calgary and my parents visted I took them to:

    -the Glacier off the icefields parkway (forgotten the name but you drive to it in a bus with tyres the size of a car)
    – Peyto Lake
    – Lake Louise
    – Moraine Lake – very pretty
    – Johnstons Canyon – if you’ve got kids, they will love this – the chipmonks and ground squirrels are very tame.
    – Banff – try the cable car up the mountain for great views

    Most of these involve some walking but it is usually fairly easy going.

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