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  • Rim recommendations and online wheel building resources
  • Riofer
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    My DT swiss 4.2d rims have seen better days so I’m planning a winter project to have a go at re-rimming the Hope Pro 2 hubs with something offering a bit more width but hopefully not adding much weight.

    First off any recommendations for a decent tubeless ready rim for general trail riding? I’ve had a quick google of Stans rims but they seem to be quite pricy so a cheaper alternative option would be good.

    Secondly, what do I need to know and where can I find it out? Any pointers to a good wheel building guide and how to work out what spokes I’ll need would be great.

    Once I get it all together I might even start a “wheel building live” thread to offer an alternative service to all the bike builds going on (like a BBC4 arts documentary for those trying to avoid Strictly Come Dancing on BBC1).


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    If you plan to reuse spokes then you’ll need to get a rim with the same ERD (or within a mm or two). Merlin were doing some of the older Stans rims cheap which I found I coudl use to re-rim some 4.2D wheels using 12mm instead of 14mm nipples.

    If you’re saving the price of the spokes (£30-£40) then a slightly more expensive rim might be worth looking at.

    Roger Musson/WheelPro book is good but Sheldon has a resonable guide on it.

    I use the DTSwiss calcualter but they’ve dropped non-DT-Swiss products off the list so you have to supply your own measurements now.

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    Went for these;
    oh, and used mussons book. Easy to follow. Make sure you have the stuff recommended (tools, oil etc) in the book before you intend to start.

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    +1 Musson’s book

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    Went for the Arch EXs from Wiggle too. Built them up on an old pair of Hopes with Sapim D-Light spokes, all with the help of Musson’s book. Very pleased with the results.

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    I got some Pacenti TL28s, smashed teh rear one on its first ride in a water bar or something but the front has survived teh Macavalache, downhilling, a week stravaing the alps, Calderdale cobblecore and a few Lakes/Torridon trips. Not bad for something nudging crest weight and suefully wide too. Got an Arch EX to repolace the pacenti I smashed, smashed it in much the same way. Now have an old mavic xm819 wheel on the back as even though it’s heavy and narrow it doesn’t break.

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    Those Arch EXs look spot on especially if I can reuse the spokes. I’ll do a bit of reading tonight and see if I can check on the DT calculator to confirm things.

    I think I know where I can borrow a jig, so if all goes well the first exciting installment of wheel building live will be up early next week. 😀

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