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  • photo stitch software?
  • ski
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    Is there such a thing as a decent free photo stitching software?

    I only need to make up 3 images for a one off


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    I second that:
    The easiest stitching programme ever, and great results.

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    cheers, will go have a look….

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    I use Panorama Factory – not free but cheap (and there is a trial).

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    If you have a Canon camera, PhotoStitch that comes with that is pretty decent.

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    Windows Live Photo Gallery. Free, easy, awesome results and direct upload to Flickr.

    Or for something more advanced, try ICE (also free):

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    Autostitch is great

    Some examples

    And it is auto, only thing done to these after putting them through autostitch is cropping the edges off

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    Best settings for autostitch from another place:

    quality: 100 (obv,just the jpeg compression)
    blending bands: 12 (or higher, helps get rid of edges, which don’t quite line up drifting into and out of existence)

    for vertical panoramas it can help to rotate the images using Image rotation: anti/clockwise so that it comes out horizontal and you just rotate it back afterwards

    a bit resource hungry but I’m getting ok results with this

    ebygomm- love the 360×360 sphere/polar :0

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    Couple of reasons I like Panorama Factory:
    It lets you select the important points to match up and can do a complete grid based warp which is really handy when you have parralax errors to deal with.
    It can output as a photoshop file with each image on a seperate layer so you can manually adjust the blending.

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