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  • OHHH FFS NOW IM ANOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    show me an example of where printing money has worked?

    Show me an example where the global problems are the same as they are now.

    Not enough money around – print some more must be the option. Banks etc had “assets” that were debts owed to them. Those debts were defaulted on, and have had to be wiped out. They were being used as liquid assets (ie being packaged up and sold on) but now they have vanished into thin air, so there’s no money. A lot of the “money” that there was just doesn’t exist any more. So create more.

    People are moaning about the banks not wanting to lend to them – it’s not really their fault (in that specific instance) since there just isn’t the money to lend. So create more.

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