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  • How much should it cost to true a wheel?
  • kaesae
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    I need to know how much I should be paying to have some buckles and flat spots removed from my new but used deemax wheels.

    After sorting the bearings and the freehub I checked the wheels were straight and running fine, guess what they run like thick shite of a flat surface 😯

    So how much should it cost to have them sorted, any help appreciated 😀

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    Anything from £6 to £20.
    Had a spoke replaced last week cost me £16.

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    I paid a tenner I think for a total retension (an assembled but not “built” wheel with no dish or tension or anything) from Icycles in Innerleithen and it’s a bloomin superb build. Fast turnaround too and Steve knows DH kit better than anyone.

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    nowt much you can do about flat spots…..£10-15

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    My LBS do it for free, but I have spent a few £££ with them over the years. As above £10 is about right.

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    Evans was loads I think £25 for a spoke

    Phil Corley were just over £11

    Well done Corleys..

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    My LBS charges £10 for the truing, £1 per replacement spoke and £1 for the rim tape which is required whether you have 1 new spoke or 36 new spokes. Usually a buckle that you can ride to the shop costs £10-15 depending on how buggered things are.

    EDIY – just reread the OP and flat spots will never come out. Big problem when we used rim brakes but not so much of a problem with discs…. unless your rims look like 50 pence pieces that is!

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    Never paid to be honest when it comes to truing, never had a spoke replaced so couldn’t comment

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    I get charged £5, would do it myself but I like to give a little back to my LBS.

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    Hargroves charged me 15 for truing my wheel, thought that was pricey personally. But seems to be standard price round our way

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    some buckles and flat spots removed from my new but used.

    You see, thats a bit of a “piece of string” question.

    “new but used”… rings alarm bells, well, how old are they, who/what were they used by – if they were well looked after, then it could be a tenner, it could be two hundred quid

    “some buckles and flat spots” doesn’t really help us, they could just need a quick tune up, they could need new rim and spokes – all depends how bad it is!

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    We charge from £10-£15, depending on how long it takes to do the work, although if you buy a wheel, or have one built by us we don’t usually charge for a quick true up

    Spokes £1 each for regular plain gauge

    Full rebuild using PG spokes £30 per wheel, can’t remember how much it is for a rebuild with butted spokes

    Flat spots are not repairable, you’d need a new rim & rebuild

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