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  • A bag for carrying water?
  • rocketman
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    So the last 18 months or so I’ve weaned myself off carrying gallons of water around and can get by with 250-500 ml on most rides

    A conventional bottle takes up too much room and half-filled reservoirs are too much faff with clips and tubes and valves and all that crap. What I want is a flexible (flat?) bottle that fits inside a backpack that can be compressed as it empties. Like a bag with a drinks cap on it.

    Any ideas? Something from the world of running maybe?


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    A lot of camping shops stock them or widely available online.

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    Can get them anywhere, really cheap.

    Edit: wish I’d found this one before posting the link. Or this one.

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    nice one thanks fellas

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    Be warned, the cheap ones tend to have leaky valves and are prone to splitting…

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    Platypus is good, I like mine but… Surely more faff than a camelbak? Pretty much the same amount of faff to prepare, and then much more every time you want a drink. I fannied around with alternatives but returned to the camelbak.

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