Forum Tips

  • The default editor box uses a WYSIWYG editor that allows auto formating of links and images. However, if you prefer a simpler text based posting editor then you can switch between these options in your Account Settings.
  • Before submitting your comment you can preview it by clicking ‘Preview Post’ at the bottom of the post box. Then if you make any further changes ‘Update Preview’.
  • After making a post you can edit its contents for up to 15 minutes – this allows you to correct any mistakes. Just click the ‘EDIT’ button at the bottom of the post.
  • There is a short delay (about 15 seconds) before any edits take effect, so please be patient with the server.
  • You can keep any eye on topics you have posted in by going to your profile page – just click on your username at the top of the forum, or the ‘member’ tag on your forum posts.
  • If you want to make your email address available to other members you can place it in ‘Visible Email’ on your profile page. Note that this is viewable by non logged in people viewing the site. (fix for that planned!)
  • Your profile page also lets you subscribe to the Singletrack newsletter.

Can’t Remember Your Password?

Click on the ‘lost password‘ link. Then fill in your username. An email will then be sent to the email address that you registered with. In this email there is a hyperlink. Click on this to confirm you want to reset your password. You will then receive another email with your new password in.

Reporting a bug or glitch

Please DON’T use the forum to report bugs or other technical issues. The tech guys may not see it. We have a tech issue reporting form here – The link to it is in the bottom left corner on desktop browsers. Please include as much information as possible and a screen grab is always helpful if you can manage it.

Posting an Image

The image must be hosted on the internet somewhere.

If it is on your computer you must first upload it to a photo hosting site. Try a search for image hosting to get you started.

Once you have chosen the image you want to show on the forum you need to find its URL (universal resource locator – its location on the internet).


Do this by right clicking on the image and choosing “copy image location” (or similar wording depending on your web browser). Note that this must be the location of the image itself, not the URL of the page it is on.

Then go to the forum and type :

Where ‘’ is the URL you just retrieved.


Flickr follows the same rules as above but they have added a button to retrieve the BBcode.

  • Find the photo you want on flickr
  • Above the photo there are two boxes “actions” and “share this”
  • Drop the menu in “share this”
  • See “grab the HTML/BBCode” and click.
  • See two buttons below the script, “HTML” “BBCode”
  • Check “BBCode”
  • Paste this code into the Singletrack forum post box


This practice is known as ‘hotlinking’. Some people frown upon hotlinking as it uses their bandwidth to show their image on someone else’s website. To stop this from happening various practices may be deployed. One of which is to supply a different image to the one you wanted to show – quite often a porn image.

As you can imagine we don’t want these images displayed on the forum. Therefore you must be careful about which images you place on this site.

Usually images from manufacturers websites will be OK as it is promoting their product. Images from personal websites are more likely to employ this tactic.

If it happens to an image you post you will often not know what has happened as the image will seem normal to you – this is because the correct one will have already loaded into your cache (web browsers download images and files to stop the need to get the same thing every time you visit a site). Other people will see the replaced image. If you suspect something wrong then clear your browser cache to check – and inform us at as soon as possible.

Note that using the preview option will not show you if an image has been replaced, because the correct one is already loaded into your browsers cache.


We only allow videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

Use the URL of the page within the video tags:

[ video][/video ]
[ video][/video ]

[ video][/video ]

The same decency rules apply! Just because it is on YouTube or Vimeo does not mean it is suitable for Keep it safe for work please.

Also read: Forum Rules

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