2020 Focus Jam² | Shimano or Bosch? You Decide

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What I liked about the Jam² when it was launched in 2016 was the off trend, smaller battery pack. At 378wh it was considerably underpowered compared to the more common 500wh packs. But the principal was to give an assist where needed but keep the bike’s handling to more ‘normal’ levels by not compromising weight too much. 

focus jam2 singletrack charged bosch cx 625wh
Well, helloooo!

At 48lbs it was still a bit of a monster but three years on and most full suspension, 500wh eMTBs are still struggling to beat the 50lb mark in terms of weight.

The good news is that for riders like me who like an eMTB to feel like a bike and not a DH rig from the 90s, the Jam² still comes in a 378wh version with Shimano Steps motor. But this year they’ve launched a high capacity version that not only storms past the 500wh mark to a new high of 625wh but also switches motors to the much improved Bosch CX 4th Generation system.

Focus Jam TEC Pack

One of the features of Focus ebikes is the ability to bolt on up to an extra 500wh battery to the downtube and connect it directly into the system to provide up to 1125wh of capacity. This 1.25kwh option is available on the Jarifa hardtail model. On the Jam you can opt for the Shimano system with a 378wh battery inside and an extra 378wh battery on the downtube via the Focus TEC pack optional upgrade.

That means you can pick a Focus Jam from a range that starts at 378wh and moves up through 500wh, 625wh and the ultimate option of a 756wh long travel, slack eMTB.

When you step back and look at the entire Focus eMTB range it’s impressive that they have eMTB battery capacity options ranging from the superlight and minimal 250wh Fazua equipped Raven² through 378wh, 500wh, 625wh, 756wh and 1125wh.

The New Bosch Range Specs

I got to ride the Focus Jam 6.8Nine. The 6 means it’s an aluminium version and the 8 means it’s the highest spec for that model. The ‘nine’ means it’s the 29r version. It’s also available in a Plus version for 27.5 wheels.

The range starts at the 6.7 Nine at £3.999 with 625wh Bosch motor/battery and the range tops out at a reasonable £4599 for the 6.8. There are variations in between depending on your choice of wheel sizes.

focus jam2 jam emtb singletrack charged 6.8
£4599 and 23.5kg = 51,8lbs
focus jam2 jam emtb singletrack charged 6.8
£4599 and 22.7kg = 52 lbs
focus jam2 jam emtb singletrack charged 6.7
£3999 and 51.8lbs
focus jam2 jam emtb singletrack charged 6.7
£3999 & 52.2lbs
Slight geometry variations in each but with the flipswitch at the back you can get a little creative yourself with those numbers.

Focus Jam full range

Check out the Focus website for the full range including the entry level Shimano 378wh options at £3689 right up to the carbon range 9.9 Shimano Jam at £8889

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    6.8 nine and 6.8 Plus appear to have different reach and ETT yet it’s the same frame ? On the Focus website there is only one set of geometry data, same for them both ? Asking as ordering 6.8 nine and think I’m a large but want to get the numbers right.

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