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January 12, 2024 (3 months ago)
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I’ve just upgraded my Wahoo Kickr to the new move version and so this version 1 going spare, free to anyone that wants it, but it will need collection or a convenient meet-up somewhere near me.

I am in Ystrad in South Wales – CF41 7ST – nearish to Afan, Bike Park Wales, and particularly Barry Sidings.

I will also be travelling to Fareham on 29th February

Being a version 1 it is reasonably noisy, and I have never serviced it, although it’s never given me any trouble. Servicing videos are on YouTube though.

The latest app didn’t seem to show the spin down option for me either, but I could get to the factory spin down option. The Wahoo support guy had the spindown option available on a V1 kickr he had, so maybe it is a quirk of the iPhone/iPad version.

I have used it with the QR 130mm adapters, which I think are flippable to get 135.

I used a 10 speed cassette but I think it will take 11.

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    This is spooky I live in Fareham but I am travelling to Barry Monday a.m. for a meeting so could pop up Monday afternoon or meet you when you come down if no one else has already taken it?



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