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November 16, 2023 (3 months ago)
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I’m having a shed clearout so these bikes are available to be razzed around on by more kids

Specialized Hotwalk balance bike. 12″ wheel scootalong. All my kids learned on this and never needed stabilizers, they went straight to pedalling.

Specialized Hotrock 12 (Green one)  – 12″ wheels, next step from the Hotwalk

Specialized Hotrock 14 (Lilac) – 14″ wheels – Has a weird coaster brake my kids couldn’t get on with, so has an extra conventional back brake. Easy to remove if you wish.

Specialized Hotrock 20 (white) – Try running gears! Has some kind of suspension on the front for decoration.

Specialized Hotrock 24 (pic to follow) 24″ wheels and 13.5″ frame.

All well loved, so have various battle scars. All will be functional with inflated tyres and working brakes and gears where fitted.

Struggling to value them, so £20 for the Hotwalk and £25 apiece for the others?

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