Introducing the new JLOQ V2 Locking Lever for 1UP bike racks

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Got a 1UP bike rack? You need a JLOQ V2 Locking Lever! The simple solution to locking your bike to your 1UP bike rack.

What is a JLOQ V2 Locking Lever for? It’s essentially to lock the cam lever on 1UP bike racks to prevent the swing arm on the bike rack from opening. This prevents the bike from being removed from the rack by opportunist thieves.

The JLOQ V2 Locking Lever is designed specifically for use with 1UP bike racks and offers a seamless integration that actually enhances the functionality of your bike rack, making it even more versatile and user-friendly.

How does it work?

  • Pressing the lock on the JLOQ v2 Locking Lever prevents the swing arm from opening (locked)
  • Turn the key to unlock
  • It’s as easy as that

Easy to install, easy to use

  • Step one: Remove the two screws on the existing cam lever
  • Step two: Attach the new JLOQ v2 Locking Lever using the included security screws
  • There is no step three. You’re done!

JLOQ V2 Locking Lever

Improvements over the V1:

  • Lighter
  • Stronger
  • Better fit position on the rack
  • Better feel in the hand
  • Less play in locked position
  • Tight fitting, waterproof cap to protect the lock
  • Same great price $90.00 / £73.00

What else? The new V2 is shaped like a handle for better grip and pull leverage. The deep anodised colour has protective weather coating. The torx security screws are made from stainless steel for added safety.

1UP bike racks typically come with a simple cam lever to operate the swing arms that secure the bike wheels to the rack. There is no supplied way to lock the cam lever to prevent the swing arm from being opened which would lead to theft of the bike. The J-LOQ V2 Locking Lever solves this problem by using a push-plunge style lock mounted in a specially designed cam lever that replaces the original cam lever. When the lock is activated it prevents the ability to move the cam lever, preventing the swing arm from being opened.

No more complicated ‘DIY’ locking systems. The JLOQ V2 Locking Lever is convenience plus security. The cam lever is intuitively engineered for a quick and straightforward locking process, ensuring that your bike stays safely in place during transport. No need for extra tools or complicated setups – just effortlessly secure your bike and hit the road.

Rack Compatibility

The JLOQ v2 Locking Lever is designed for use with the 2024 1UP Quik Rack and Heavy Duty rack models, AND all 2023 or older 1UP bike racks.

Premium quality – Made in the USA

Machined and assembled in the USA. Constructed with durable materials, its robust design ensures a reliable grip, providing you with peace of mind. Proudly designed and manufactured in JLOQ’s hometown of Bend, Oregon, U.S.A.

Your JLOQ V2 Locking Lever kit

  • 2 x Locking Cam Levers with dust caps
  • 2 x torx keys
  • 4 x torx key security screws
  • 1 x torx wrench
  • $90.00 / £73.00 per set
  • Ship within 24 hours
  • Shipping Tracking # and carrier provided
  • 30-day no-questions-asked exchange, return and refunds
  • Visit

Who are JLOQ?

JLOQ Solutions is located in Bend Oregon. It is where, with the help of David Petrich, Owner and Machinist of Machinable Innovations: “We put our minds to work on the products that we design, create and manufacture. Being a Bend resident, it is very important to me to make as many of our products as we can using local materials and labor. It is also the first focus of our company, to make products that local residence can use and benefit from.

“As a young company, we know that we have to earn your trust, and we want you to know that we are working hard daily to do so. Our website is a work in progress, with new updates and products constantly in the works. We invite you to check back with us at regularly for all of the latest news as we continue to focus on making quality products that just make sense. Thank you for your support!”

Visit our website at to learn more about the JLOQ Locking Cam Lever and to order yours today!

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  • Introducing the new JLOQ V2 Locking Lever for 1UP bike racks
  • phinbob
    Full Member

    $90 seems like a fair price for something nicely made and it’s super-neat.

    I’m not sure it’s as useful as something like a Kryptonite New York 1210 Bike Chain Lock which is ~$120 and can be used in more places. Having said that, it does stop you forgetting to bring the lock.

    Full Member

    Well that’s the wheels securely fastened – what’s to stop someone just removing the frame from the wheels?

    Free Member

    So this attaches with Torx security bolts, but the next bolt along is just a standard hex bolt and it looks like removing that would release the rack completely. If you forgot to come prepared, there’s almost certainly a multitool in that saddle bag.

    Or as above, just pop the front wheel out and remove the whole lot.

    Full Member

    Are these racks usable/legal in this country (UK)?

    Free Member

    The last 1upUSA story was largely stw irrelevant too.

    I’m sure you could import a rack and the required receiver style hitch for your vehicle to countries outside north america though.

    To be nice, I followed the link.

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