Spanish Bikepacking Diary – The End?

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The final day of a 1,400km ride with just shy of 21,000m ascent. Will it be an emotional end to an epic trip? Will Amanda throw her bike into the…

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Amanda Wishart

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Amanda is our resident pedaller, who loves the climbs as much as the descents. No genre of biking is turned down, though she is happiest when at the top of a mountain with a wild descent ahead of her. If you ever want a chat about concussion recovery, dealing with a Womb of Doom or how best to fuel an endurance XC race, she's the one to email.

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  • Spanish Bikepacking Diary – The End?
  • olddonald
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    Well done – have read all of these.

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    I’ve loved reading about your trip. Sounds fantastic, thank you for taking the time to write about it. It might inspire me to try something similar in a couple of years.

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    Lovely pics and another very enjoyable update. Thanks again.

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    Loved this series. Gutted it’s the last instalment, thanks for sharing it Amanda

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    Really inspired by this. I did trips like this pre kids. We didn’t go as far each day but you know what I mean. I really need to get back to it. I have a modest plan for a first overseas trip next summer. I thought mrs Ampthill had hung up her padded shorts for good. But no she’s coming with me 🙂

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    Dammit. You’re not helping my thoughts about taking a proper grey gap year and bikepacking around Europe….

    Nice one team_amanda.

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    Thanks everyone, I guess now is a good time to mention that I’m working on the next diary, from a far more challenging ride across the Alps this summer 🙂 Preview coming in issue 153 of the mag, too!

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    This has been a really great set of articles. Looking forward to the alps write up.

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    Thanks Amanda – been a great series to read

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    A good read, lots of effort pedaling and putting it into words.

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    Chapeau Amanda!

    I’m working on the next diary, from a far more challenging ride across the Alps this summer.

    Can’t wait for this – the Spanish diary has had me dreaming of a trip, so hopefully the next one will kick me into actually doing it.

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    I’ve really enjoyed this series. You say the next one is far more challenging? Crikey.

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