Spanish Bikepacking Diary: Day Three

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This 17 day series of Amanda’s first ever multiday bikepacking trip is exclusively available to Singletrack World Members. It gets more scenic as the journey unfolds, so stay tuned for…

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Amanda Wishart

Art Director

Amanda is our resident pedaller, who loves the climbs as much as the descents. No genre of biking is turned down, though she is happiest when at the top of a mountain with a wild descent ahead of her. If you ever want a chat about concussion recovery, dealing with a Womb of Doom or how best to fuel an endurance XC race, she's the one to email.

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  • Spanish Bikepacking Diary: Day Three
  • nickc
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    That route profile is quite rude.

    Full Member

    You actually had me browsing direct drive turbo trainers………

    I was going to leave it there all cool and kryptic but then I’ll just look rude

    That’s a huge day, beyond what I’m could do. But as you said else where that’s why you do indoor training. I found that quite a revelation at the time. Structured training not to chase a number, time, segment, or position but to see the world

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    Great read. Keep it going – and you’re not the only one that greets wildlife, cows , pigs, goats………….

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    and you’re not the only one that greets wildlife, cows , pigs, goats………….

    What kind of weirdo sociopath doesn’t do that?

    Loving these diary updates

    Full Member

    Plus one for greeting wildlife, although it’s always a bit disconcerting when cows answer back and I’m in the same field as them. I can’t tell if they’re angry or friendly – never play poker with a cow.

    Really enjoying this series; it’s well written and engaging.

    Full Member

    I talk to the horses in the field near me. Loving this series.

    Full Member

    Looks like another late finish to this day.

    Full Member

    +1 on the wildlife thing.

    Full Member

    Thanks to the film Up! I have a tendency to yell “Squirrel!”

    Free Member

    The Morella’s Castle! This area, “Els Ports”, is one of the most rude county in our Valencian Country.

    Great land for the MTB too!

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