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Mental Monday! Singletrack Weekly Crossword #2

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Welcome to the first Mental Monday. If you are a full member you will see below three puzzles for you to solve. There’s our tricky Singletrack crossword puzzle designed by a staff member here at STHQ and based on a mixture of bike related general knowledge, current affairs and the occasional cryptic clue.

This week we also have a jigsaw and a sliding image puzzle, both based around the current cover image on issue 147 of Singletrack World magazine.

Each puzzle has a timer that will clock how long it takes you to solve it and there’s a leaderboard for each puzzle. If you successfully complete the Singletrack crossword then that get’s you a free entry into our prize draw. This week that is..

Win Two Singletrack Jigsaw Puzzles.

As winter delivers another freezing kick in one’s mountain biking plans, before we enter “fools spring”, and the “spring of deception”, there is no better way to spend your evening than puzzling your way through the Singletrack jigsaw puzzles.

The jigsaw and image slider puzzles are for kudos and leaderboard positions only. Have fun and let us know what you think in the comments.

Members only from this point

Prize Crossword

This week’s crossword has been compiled by Mark.

If you successfully complete the crossword you will be invited to enter your name and an email address. We’ll pick a winner from the successful entries next week.

Sorry, but only our full members can interact with our weekly puzzles

Issue 147 Cover Jigsaw

Use your mouse to drag and drop the pieces into place. Once a piece is in the correct place it will lock. If you can still move it, then it’s not in the right place.

Sorry, but only our full members can interact with our weekly puzzles

Issue 147 Cover Image Slider

Sorry, but only our full members can interact with our weekly puzzles

Well done to all these people for completing the crossword in FGF

Jon Parker, Andy King, Termic, Gary, Anne Meade, Jezzer, mike, Paul Stevenson, Simon Whitfield, Tom, Oliver Milling , Mark, Owain Ainsworth, Martin Sheldon, Dominic Hodges, Chris, Pete Aylward.

Friday’s solution

Word Search Bonus

Using the answers from Crossword #1

Author Profile Picture
Mark Alker

Singletrack Owner/Publisher

What Mark doesn’t know about social media isn’t worth knowing and his ability to balance “The Stack” is bested only by his agility on a snowboard. Graphs are what gets his engine revving, at least they would if his car wasn’t electric, and data is what you’ll find him poring over in the office. Mark enjoys good whisky, sci-fi and the latest Apple gadget, he is also the best boss in the world (Yes, he is paying me to write this).

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  • Mental Monday! Singletrack Weekly Crossword #2
  • chipps
    Full Member

    Seven blanks on the crossword, without looking stuff up… Must try harder!

    Finished the word search though – that was hard!

    Full Member

    I misread the title and thought it was Metal Monday (promoted from the forum, perhaps). Oh well, at least we don’t have Folk Friday to look forward to. Although Thrash Thursday would have been excellent.

    Full Member

    Stumped now on the classic ride, doesn’t seem to be the one in the mag, armour and software Geoff. Who knows software history?? pfff. Better do some work now.

    Full Member

    @yak The software question is not a software question… think very old school bike designer.

    Full Member

    cheers @charliedontsurf! Top tip!..

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