Issue 146: UK Adventure – Slymefoot Slide

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Is it bikes or biscuits that hold this band of bikepackers together as they trial a new Northumberland route, the Slymefoot Slide? Words Rick Hamilton Photography Pete Scullion Who the heck is Rick Hamilton? Based in Mytholmroyd, Calderdale, Rick is known locally for his poor bike maintenance and lack of materialism when it comes to riding bikes. If his wheels are turning and his friends are nearby, he’s happy. Other interests include poetry, history and baking. “Am I bleeding from my nose?” Tommy, who usually exudes calm, assured confidence, is looking understandably shaken. A hidden rut on a fast descent...

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  • Issue 146: UK Adventure – Slymefoot Slide
  • MrAgreeable
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    Boisterous drunk people on a Tuesday night eh Rick? Dreadful behaviour…

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