Fox DHX coil shock review

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With a brand new chassis and damper for this year, the 2023 Fox DHX is aimed at trail riders looking for the latest in coil sprung suspension tech.

  • Price: £629.00
  • From:
  • Weight (w/o spring): 492g
  • Adjustments: Low Speed Rebound, Low Speed Compression, 2-position Climb Switch (open, firm)

While it might not have as many features as Fox’s all-singing-all-dancing DHX2, the DHX still has plenty of features for the Average Joe rider.

The big, easy to use (even with gloves on) low speed compression adjuster is also numbered, so it’s easy to remember how you’ve got it set. The low speed rebound dial can be adjusted with just your fingers, or a 3mm Allen key from above, or even a 2mm Allen key from the side (inserted into holes on the outside of the dial and then you ‘prod’ the dial around). Basically, there is a way of adjusting rebound no matter how your frame decides to get in the way!

The preload collar, somewhat uniquely, has indexed detents built in. Which again, is nice for reassurance/ease when adjusting. The DHX also has a climb switch for firming things up if required. It’s noticeably less chattery than Fox climb switches of yore (possibly due to the DHX having a hydraulic top out feature).

Given that some shocks on test offer adjusters for everything you can think of, what the Fox DHX lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for in relative simplicity and on-trail performance. It’s active and supple across small and medium hits, tracking across roots and off cambers. You can drop your heels, driving the back end down for grip on steeps and when things are getting a bit wild.

But it’s not just about the plushness. The DHX offers plenty of support. You can load the back end and gap over rough sections, and then smash into rock-strewn trails and it handles it all in a composed and manageable way. Even on bigger, flat or dodgy landings it’s behaved itself and not bottomed out harshly.

To whom it may concern, after trying all the adjusters, we settled on running the low speed compression fully open for maximum sensitivity and grip, and the rebound relatively fast (five clicks from fully open) which had the shock feeling nicely balanced between traction, comfort and support.


There may be other shocks out there that offer way more adjustments, but the DHX does everything it needs to without being overly complicated to set up, or having redundant features. The DHX is a great choice for getting that top-end coil feel.

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Brand: Fox
Product: DHX coil shock
From: Silverfish UK
Price: £629.00
Tested: by Ross for Issue 145
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