Issue 144: Searching For A Solution

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Dean Hersey chats to the ball of energy that is Claudio Caluori. Words Dean Hersey Photography Red Bull Content Pool, Dan Griffiths, Tyrone Bradley, Dan Milner, Meri Hyoki You don’t…

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  • Issue 144: Searching For A Solution
  • rickmeister
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    Velosolutions Kyiv has to on the list too, right?

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    Amazing interview and pictures! What a guy.

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    It’s a great article

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    A brilliant person. I met him briefly in Fort William in 2019 and totally embarrassed myself talking nonsense to (at!) him. Here in Sheffield we’ve recently had a Velosolutions pump track built in Hillsborough, and it is absolutely superb. Before the school holidays started it was busy every evening, and this afternoon it was quite busy, despite being pretty toasty out! All ages, bikes, scooters, skateboards, it is a great thing.

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