Issue 143: Lost In Time

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A few rolls of lost camera film bring back memories of older times. Words & Photography Chipps The fading art of the analogue photograph was always a wonder to me. I can remember watching, amazed, as my first black and white print appeared before my eyes in the college darkroom. Then, a few years later, I would regularly get ‘photographer’s angst’ as I waited for my exposed films to come back from the developers to see how many of my 36 shots yielded useable results, if any. The slide film we used in pre-digital magazine work was particularly hard to work with, meaning that every shot was taken with care. None...

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  • Issue 143: Lost In Time
  • mikejd
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    Just reading this has prompted me to open the storage box that has sat under the desk in my office for the last 10 years, at least. There’s my old Minolta SRT101 and lenses and a Zenit slr, can’t remember when they were last used. Daren’t think about opening the box of slides…

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    I’m sure they’re bang-on trend though now… 🙂

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