Issue 143 Editorial: Local Secrets

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Chipps wants to show you all of his favourite trails. Well, nearly all.  We all know that there are no secrets any more. Every mountain has been discovered, every field, stream and hillside catalogued, and every vaguely wiggly forest track named and KOMed. It seems that you just have to open an internet browser and a rip-roaring good time will be guaranteed. The reality, thankfully, is a little more nuanced. Even the best map reading and .gpx downloading can only get you so far on unfamiliar trails. The map, or the trail photos taken a year ago, won’t convey the...

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  • Issue 143 Editorial: Local Secrets
  • Del
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    very happy to show people around my local – haldon. i enjoy doing it. i think the best way to enjoy a new area is to get a local to show you around and i’ve been very happy to enjoy the welcome of strangers when i’ve adventured abroad. it used to happen a lot on here. not sure it does so much now?

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    Haven’t properly mountain biked for years,but have taken a few visitors out on some local gravel rides and seeing your everyday local rides through a fresh pair of eyes is a great feeling

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