Singletrack Issue 141 – The Joy of Flex

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Welcome to Benji, our new Technical Content Manager. He has opinions and he’s not afraid to share them. As the person who’s just been hired to be In Charge Of...

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  • Singletrack Issue 141 – The Joy of Flex
  • hardtailonly
    Full Member

    Hmm. Just read this in the mag.

    No vertical compliance you say?

    Well, as a non engineer, and a non metallurgist, I’m not convinced! Seems counter-intuitive.

    But, WTF do I actually know?

    I get the lateral flex bit, and that the compliance within a frame is because the loads applied in every day riding come at it from all angles. But is there, REALLY, no vertical compliance at all? And at what angle from the vertical, does lateral compliance come into play? 1° angle lean? 10°? 30°?

    Would like to hear from some bike frame builders…

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