Chris Hinds – Unexpected Hero

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How much physical and mental strength does it take to finish, let alone win, the 1,800km Great British Divide? More than we could ever imagine. Words & Photography Chipps & Chris Hinds How does that kitsch saying go? To truly appreciate the heights, one must first start at the very bottom. Something like that. Or else I’d suggest ‘The higher up you start, the longer it’ll take until you hit rock bottom’.  And that, I think, is the secret to Chris Hinds’ surprising win of the epic, yet virtually unheard of endurance ride – the Great British Divide. I reckon...

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  • Chris Hinds – Unexpected Hero
  • sillyoldman
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    He’s some boy!

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    Only just got round to reading this.
    Watching Chris approach Glasgow along the canal path, with speed and smiles, you’d have never known the suffering that was going on. I do recall thinking he looked fresh and upbeat, and wondering how that could be, considering the ride he’d done, let alone still had forward!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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