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Singletrack Reader Awards 2021 – Time for something a bit different

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This year has been a bit different, again. In recognition of the fact that there’s not very much stuff out there to buy, and who knows what model year it is, or whether that launched item is actually in the shops, our Singletrack Reader Awards are going to be a bit different too. 

Rather than grumble about the shortage of this and that, this year’s Singletrack Reader Awards are going to celebrate those who have just got on and done stuff. It’ll be less about the tech, and more about the people and places that make our sport great. We’ll be looking for your nominations for the individuals, groups and organisations that have made a difference to our mountain biking community this year, in a range of new award categories. 

There’ll be a dose of the familiar too – we’ll still be looking for your favourite image and your favourite article from the past year, as published in Singletrack World Magazine or on

Another thing that won’t change is the format: we’ll reveal the categories next week, and you, the readers, will let us know your nominations. Finalists will be selected, and who wins will be down to you and your votes. No cheques will change hands and no gerrymandering will fix the vote: who wins will be up to you.

Of course, voting is a right and you should exercise it, but since this is a mountain bike magazine and not politics we’re able to offer you a little incentive to cast your vote, thanks to our Singletrack Reader Awards Sponsors, Kona Bikes. Watch this space and keep your eye on Singletrack Reader Awards stories to find out how you could win a prize bundle thanks to Kona. Fun fact: Kona was our first awards sponsor – we’re delighted to have them back for our 20th Anniversary year.

Excited? We are! Start thinking about who has made your world a bit better this year, and hopefully there will be an award category for you to nominate them to. We’ll be revealing all the categories and the nominations process next week.

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  • Singletrack Reader Awards 2021 – Time for something a bit different
  • matt_outandabout
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    Sounds good to me. 👍

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    “MTB Grom of the Year” would be cool to see.

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