Fresh Goods Friday 554 – The Make The Most Of It Edition

by 17

Yes, a week until the solstice, the weather is (mostly) looking up, previously muddy trails are now dry, dusty (and now full of nettles) and everyone is wondering how it’s suddenly halfway through the year. However, things are going great, right? It’s the weather for big, summer epic all-dayers, for rides that end on a beach, or in front of a barbecue and for just getting out and appreciating where you are. We’ve even seen bike events actually taking place, which has been a welcome return.

Even trails that we’ve ridden a kerbillion times since lockdown are still appealing, especially now that the (unseasonal? – after all, it’s Mountain Mayhem time of year…) dry weather has turned everything to dry, loose rubble.

Spare a thought for Chipps this weekend, who’s not riding any bikes and who’ll be filling vans and skips instead in his quest to move across town before midsummer. The things people will do to change their doorstep climb, eh?

For the rest of us, though, onwards to the sunset! The sun is up late, bike rides can go on as long as you have legs, so make the most of those long evenings and warmer temperatures. Again, here, spare some sympathy for ex-Singletrackworlder, Wil Barrett, who’s back in Australia and having to suffer mid-winter temps of 15°C and sunny. Poor lamb…

Let’s start off by getting the tunes going with a classic bit of 13/8 time from Plini…

Fresh Goods Friday 554 draft

Crankbrothers Candy 7 Oil Slick

It has been around 25 years since Andi last tried a pair of SPD pedals, but something has changed in his life and SPD’s are being tested once more. Andi has recently purchased a gravel bike, and has been informed that flat pedals are illegal on such bikes, but not wanting to go ‘full gravel’ he has opted for some MTB pedals. To be fair, Andi has always fancied a pair of Candy pedals, so this is a great excuse.

Fizik Gravita Tensor Flat Shoe

Andi recently tested the Gravita shoe and really like it, so we’re keen to hear what he thinks the Tensor model with more feature and more protection. First impressions are positive, everything that was great on the Gravita pedal is all here, but with a few enhancements. For starters there is a velcro strap to help secure the shoe and keep laces tidy, then around the shoe there’s much more protection especially in the toe box area. Andi has already started riding in these, so keep an eye out for a review coming soon.

Muc-Off Mk2 Tubeless Valves

The new Muc-Off tubeless valve sees a couple of updates over the previous versions. They are now lighter than before, they’re longer for use with tyre inserts and thanks to 6 new air channels they allow for faster inflation than previous valves. They come in a pack of 2 with an optional valve cap with built-in core remover and they come in a bunch of colours.

Peaty’s Speed Grease

  • Price: £9.99
  • From: Peaty’s

Peaty’s has branched out into the grease market with a range of new products to help keep your bike in top condition. First up with have Peaty’s High Speed Grease that runs 2.5 times faster than their own assembly grease whilst providing long-lasting performance. This grease is perfect for use on bearings, in hubs and bottom brackets.

Peaty’s Bicycle Assembly Grease

  • Price: £9.99
  • From: Peaty’s

It’s always best to prevent rather than cure a problem which is what Peaty’s Assembly Grease is for. Its high-tech formula uses Ester oil instead of synthetic oil. Peaty’s say Ester is better for preventing wear as it is attracted to metal and stays in place longer, so using this assembly grease should increase components life and keep your bike running quieter for longer.

Peaty’s Max Grip Carbon Assembly Paste

  • Price: £9.99
  • From: Peaty’s

Ever tried fitting a grip shift twist lock to a carbon handlebar only to find it spins freely even at the correct torque? Suffer from slipping carbon bars? Well, what you need is a Carbon paste. Carbon pastes increase the friction between carbon parts meaning they should stay put even at low torque settings. Peaty’s own Max Grip Carbon Gripper Paste eliminates slip and is biodegradable.

Troy Lee Designs Limited Edition Sideway Black A3 Helmet

So limited edition that we can’t even see this Sideways Black Troy Lee Designs A3 helmet on the Saddleback website! (but it could be there we might just be rubbish at looking). The A3, is Troy Lee’s flagship open face helmet boasting massive vents, MIPS, an adjustable visor and a place to keep your glasses/goggles when you’re not wearing them.

Big Drop Tailwind IPA Alcohol Free Beer and Paria Cycling Jersey

  • Price: £84 for a jersey and a six-pack. £28 for a 12 pack, no jersey
  • From: Big Drop

We do, occasionally, get sent beer to ‘test’, but this is different on a couple of counts. The beer and jersey from Big Drop Brewery is a collaboration with stylish bike gear makers, Paria. There’s a beer named after Paria, the Paria Tailwind IPA, and there’s a jersey to celebrate it too. The difference is that Big Drop only makes non-alcohol (well, below 0.5%) beer and it’s actually Chipps’ favourite breakfast beer, so it fell to him to model the exceedingly er, visible jersey. Both seem to suit him well. There’s a ‘jersey plus six pack/12 pack’ promo on too. Chipps is modelling the size large.

Bikepacking England Guide Book

  • Price: £20.00

Charlie says… I instantly recognised a picture of Kimmeridge bay in my old stomping ground. Its a stunning winter surf spot, and my ashes will probably get scattered there, In order to quickly evaluate the book I swiftly checked out the route in the neighbourhood I know inside out. Great news, this book has totally nailed it with the best trails for both big views and also the best riding. Much of the route is in the Dorset Dirt Dash event… and that route is the absolute best of the local trails.

The campsite recommendations are spot on. And they didn’t skip the best pub in the world, The Square & Compass. That pub has hosted Charlie Kelly, Joe Breeze, myself (more than once), half of the Surly workforce, Stephen Hawking and has even been the finish line for the Single Speed National Champs. So, this book looks like it is a shortcut to the best overnight cycling in the country. I am very impressed.

Is it time for a Norwegian punk, kitchen appliance-playing band’s cover of this classic?

And that’s all we have for this week. We’re hopefully sending you on your way with cheer in your heart and a skip in your step (but, hopefully not in your transmission…) We’ll see you on the other side of the weekend. Enjoy!

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Comments (17)

    I like very much, the idea of breakfast beer. The colours of that jersey…not so much

    Dry, dusty trails? Dry, loose rubble? It’s been pissing down for 2 days solid!

    Look at those pedals – how much??!!!

    “they’re longer for use with tyre inserts and thanks to 6 new air channels they allow for faster inflation“. Longer for inserts eh, whatever will they think of next?

    My local drails went dry, dusty and then straight to bog after a couple of days torrential rain. Coat on and off I go …

    We’re probably a day behind you, @fatbikeandcoffee – hence we’re trying to get out while we can!

    That shirt!


    Hurra Torpedo… I just love the matching track suits. Nothing says we are pro, we are athletes, quite like matching tracksuits.

    170 quid for a pair of shoes…

    Marvellous to see mention of nettles.
    I have been clearing nettles at the bottom of the garden wearing a Singletrack tech long sleeve cycle jersey. I regret to warn you that while an excellent shirt to ride in it does not provide adequate protection against nettle stings, and the more robust sweat shirt is to be preferred for that activity.

    I got a pair of Fizik Tensor Gravita Flats based on Andy’s recent review of the Gravitas. They are a great fit and very, very grippy. I have gone a bit shoe mad this year.
    I have tried:
    Vau De Winter boot flats (cant remember the name) = Brilliant can’t fault them for the winter.

    Five Ten Trail Cross Mid Pro = Great close fit and very comfy. The upper is too stretchy though, so you need to lace them up tight to stop your feet squirming around inside. Toe box is too turned up to allow you to curl your toes to grip the pedals.

    Freerider Pros = good close fit but too hard, and only grippy if you lean on them a lot.

    Ride Concepts Vice Mid = Very soft and very grippy but very very wide fitting.

    Fizik Tensor Gravita = Fits like a climbing boot/shoe and is the grippiest of the above. Shame they look so odd but who cares, once they are covered in mud they will look like all the others. 🙂

    For context I have been using Deity Tmacs, Deity Deftraps and XT large pedals.

    Seems like you are having trouble rehashing press releases as it’s the slots in the base that allow the valves to work better with tyre inserts. Valve length doesn’t come in to it at all.

    Dry and dusty at BPW today (writing this on the uplift!)

    “a week until the solstice,” It’s on Monday, no?
    Anyway, thanks for the book review, I’ll be buying based on that. Cheers

    £200 for a bit of polystyrene and a TLD sticker over the top…

    A significant ‘doffing of the cap’ to whoever chose to put Plini in the preamble! Seen him twice live and he was/is an absolutely God-like guitarist.

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