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Which destination has it all? From the best trails to the best cake in the cafe afterwards. We are looking for the ultimate all-rounder. Think trails, facilities, location… Which centre gives more smiles per mile than any other and leaves you planning the return before you’ve left the car park?

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Dyfi Bike Park, Wales

Up until recently the trails at Dyfi were the sorts of trails you wished you had the skills to ride. These trails are Dan Atherton’s trails. He’s built his own playground and it mostly consisted of different shades of black.

But that’s all changed. Dan and co. have put in a whole heap of extra work to build and open up a range of red trails that us mortals can not only aspire to but to really progress on.

The facilities are developing and currently include a big wooden shelter and cafe stocked with food, some of which is made by Dan’s mum. For those seeking warmth after their runs the shelter features a huge wood burning stove.

Hannah visited the trails not long after the first red runs were opened. You can read her report here.

Glentress & Innerleithen (The Tweed valley) , Scotland

There’s a reason that once overseas travel became untenable for bike companies trying to launch new bikes and products that many of them headed north to the Tweed Valley. In that compact space to the south west of Edinburgh an entire mountain biking economy is building in the valley from hotel accommodation and bike shops to the trails themselves, which are making the Tweed Valley a true resort for mountain bikers right here on our doorstep. So much pro mountain biking work goes on in the area, from product launches to week long Tweedlove festivals and racing that for the first time we are putting up the entire valley for the best trail award. Encompassing everything from Glentress and Innerleithen trails centres to all the natural routes in between. And of course the incredibly bike friendly towns of Peebles and Innerleithen.

Revolution Bike Park, North Wales

Last year’s winner, the uplifted ‘Revs’ started out in a similar way to Dyfi bike park in that it was a trail centre for the expert riders. Boasting the steepest trails in the country it was and still is, a place to really take your riding to the upper levels. A place for the brave and the experienced.

More development has seen long flowing red trails opened up so that the appeal has widened considerably. It’s still not the first choice for beginners and novices but there’s a whole heap of reasons to go if you are looking to push yourself to the next level.

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muc-off awards straw2020
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Comments (3)

    This year …. the one from your front door

    Revs and Dyfi are amazing but they aren’t really trail centres are they. They are Uplift venues or as they say themselves ‘Bike Parks’

    Glenlivet would get my nomination.

    It’s perhaps not what ever is on trend right now. In fact, it’s pretty low key which I like.

    It has a blue route which is 10k in length, 95% single track and was rideable by my five year old on her 20″ bike. Not once did the grin leave her face and at no point were we more than a c.2K from the car if we needed to bail out.

    Perfect for getting the new generation going; a criterion that outcompetes, bike launches and pushing yourself to the next level etc….

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