Prime Bicycles wants to compete with Santa Cruz on and off the track!

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Prime Bicycles, a new bike brand focussed on gravity bikes, is heading to the market and want to take on the establishment.

You would think with so many bike brands and so many models of bikes already available that it must be a pretty crowded market already, crowded enough to potentially put off new companies from joining in, but you would be wrong.

Although bike parks are littered with Santa Cruz, Specialized, and bikes from more local brands like Cotic and Orange, there are new companies out there that feel they can bring something new to the market.

prime bicyles
A new player in the downhill market.

One of those companies is Prime Bicycles, a company based out of Innsbruck lead up by a team of individuals who already have World Cup Downhill racing experience.

Prime Bicycles has already shown us that they want to be different from the mainstream and hasn’t officially launched as a brand, but instead has launched it’s social media ahead of any product information. That said, their accounts are filled with teasers shots of a carbon downhill bike that looks rather pretty, check it out.

At the time of writing, we don’t know a great deal about the Prime range of bikes, but we do know that the Prime team has worked with Cesar Rojo and his Cero design team on this project and we know that Prime Bicycles will be manufactured in Asia hinting possibly at a lower price point.

Judging by both the Prime Bicycles Facebook and Instagram accounts it looks as though downhill bikes will be the main focus for the company, although other gravity orientated bikes could also feature too.

Prime Bicycles joins a host of new brands hoping to make a name for themselves including Forestal and Revel among others. Hopefully, we’ll see more from each in the coming months.

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